News and Events

Viscount Organs of Michigan hosts concerts, workshops, masterclasses, and more to showcase new instruments and installations. We routinely offer promotions where you can have a new Viscount Organ installed in your church or chapel to introduce your congregation to these amazing instruments before you buy.

A New Organ for St. Michael Lutheran Church, Richville, MI

In a joint effort with the Fowler-Hebert Pipe Organ Company of Lansing Michigan, we will be installing a new Viscount Unico 800 console on the churches existing pipe organ. The existing instrument, a 41 rank Hillgreen-Lane is a fine organ on its own, but a worn out console, along with a failing switching system all combined with a "dated" tonal scheme make this organ the perfect candidate for a new Viscount Hybrid Laurel™️ Organ. The console is based on our American Unico 800 4 manual but customized to fit the resources of the Hillgreen-Lane Organ. Stay Tuned for more info on this exciting project.

St. Vincent DePaul, Fort Wayne Indiana to become 

the Largest Viscount Laurel Organ in North America

St. Vincent DePaul with the installation of their Custom 4 manual Laurel Organ will soon become the largest Viscount Pipe Combination Organ in North America. Their existing Wicks, which is an impressive organ in its own right, has parts from 3 different switching systems, pipes in 5 different locations, an ailing console, and a host of out-dated digital stops from one of our friendly competitors. It is yet another perfect instrument to be upgraded with a new Viscount system. The new console, which is based on the American Unico 800 will boast 4 manuals with 5 divisions including a dual rocker tab rail that will have stops assignable to all 5 divisions along with the traditional coupler rail. When finished, the organ will have 128 playable stops. Its installations is slated for the fall of 2020 as well.

Viscount Organs of Michigan - Artist In Residence, 

Mr. Johnny Kash takes delivery of his own Cantorum Duo

The Cantorum Duo organ is a comprehensive 2 manual instrument and 27 speaking stops with a full 30-note pedal board and two programmable "shoes" that can be assigned either as expression or crescendo pedals. This is a perfect instrument for home, or small chapels where you need and want an organ sound on a limited budget! Congratulations Johnny!