Viscount Organs

Your Organ. Your Sound.

Viscount Organs are hand crafted in Italy and feature state of the art Physis modeling technology to create the most authentic pipe organ sounds available today. For stop lists and specifications on all of our models, please visit Viscount North America. Viscount Organs of Michigan provides Sales, Service, and Installation of new Viscount Digital Church Organs in Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Ontario. 

Physis® uses state of the art physical modeling to not only create the sound of thousands of pipes, but also how they interact physically with one another in real-time, as you play; just as they would in a real windblown pipe organ. Physis® technology recreates the sound of a pipe organ through computer code. In the same way a physically modeled movie creates an ever changing picture, Physis® creates a three dimensional acoustic image of thousands of pipes simultaneously, and at speeds faster than the human mind can think. Through the use of complex internationally patented algorithms, Physis® calculates, the physics of a flue, reed or bourdon pipe. The result is a living organ, changing in real time, resembling the organ you prefer. A pipe can be looked at as a resonator. Like a flute or clarinet, air is what stimulates the pipe, ultimately producing a sound. Check out the videos below for more information.